Monday, April 14, 2008

Secret Project

My class is doing a secret project for an upcoming holiday. Today the kindergartners all wrote recipes. We had one recipe for cookies, one for chocolate chip muffins, one for a boiled egg, two mac and cheeses, one ice cream, and a recipe for pancakes. Some highlights:

One ingredient in the pancake recipe was "2 tablespoons yellow liquid". Pretty impressive memory there on the quantity, I thought.

Ingredient list for one of the mac and cheese recipes: lots of cheese, lots of noodles, not much water. List of ingredients for the other mac and cheese recipe: 1 bag of cheese, 2 sets of water, 6 noodles, a microwave.

Ingredients for the muffin recipe: 4 chocolate chips, sprinkles, 5 chocolates, 2 bread.

Ingredients for cookies: 1 spoon of flour, 7 sprinkles, icing.

My favorite line from all the recipes: "Put it on the frying pan and then it turns into pancakes."