Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I haven't posted a recipe lately, and here's why. Every day for lunch, Dan and I eat curry. We cook one night, and eat lunch for two days. Every night for supper, we eat soup. We cook one night, and eat for two. It all works out quite nicely, cause I cook the curry and the soup on the same night, and have the next night off. Since Daniel cooks on weekends, I cook two nights a week, and he cooks probably twice on the weekend (and the other weekend meals vary from week to week, what with leftovers and functions, and also we sometimes cook together then.) So, anyway, the curry recipes are either recipes I've posted before, or recipes I figure you might not like (like ground lamb...I'm almost certain nobody buys that). And as for the soups, almost every single soup we eat comes from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. Actually, I think they all do. So there you go. So we've got the pink cookbook for curry, and the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook for soup. Come to think of it, that one's pink, too, because the one we're using is a special breast cancer edition.

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Jenn Hacker said...

Well now you can add my Fart Ammo recipe to your repetoire of soups. It's yummy!!! In fact, it actually got down in the 50s here today (well, this morning when I woke up), so it looks like we're going to be eating leftover bean soup tonight!

Love you!