Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Always Remember...

... To check the expiration date on eggs before you use them. I felt like crud over the weekend, and decided fudge brownies would make me feel better. Rachel's boyfriend Will had made a big breakfast that morning with pancakes, bacon, eggs and biscuits. So, when I looked for eggs in the fridge and saw a carton, I assumed (see that's where I get in trouble) that they were leftover eggs from Will's cooking spree.

Anyhoo, I made the brownies, Jamie and I licked the bowl and beater (which included raw egg product, natch), and then we ate some brownies. The next morning, I didn't feel very good, and my tummy and Jamie's tummy were queasy. Then Will asked me how I made brownies when he used the last of the eggs on breakfast.

"No you didn't," I said. Then he told me he had only bought a six pack of eggs.

Little warning bells started going off in my head. There was one of the eggs left from the carton I had used to make brownies. I checked the expiration date on the carton, then quickly threw the eggs away so no one else would make the same mistake I did...

The expiration date was 12-21-2007.

No wonder Jamie and I were queasy! We had eaten raw, expired eggs. We're lucky we didn't wind up with something worse than some queasiness!

Oh, and BTW, we're fine today, for the most part. So no big deal, other than being grossed out by eating eggs that old.

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