Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pizza and a tip

Suze posted a beautiful tutorial on pizza making on her regular blog! Click on her name on the right to go see it. She's got skills and smarts!

I have discovered (well, my husband has) a most wonderful website for Indian cooking. It is called, and that is its address. It's not the most technically wonderfully user-friendly website I've ever seen, but it does provide lovely video demos of awesome recipes. I know they're awesome, because every one that we've tried has been fabulous. We have tried the dosais, fish byriani, red kidney bean masala, green bell pepper masala, chicken curry, egg cube curry (maybe not fabulous, but I think it had to do with the baking dish I chose to use), egg byriani, upma rava, and chicken byriani. There are many things I love about this website. First, the man is entertaining. In one recipe, he tastes the food and excuses himself to go and cry. Really. I like that you can see on the screen how much of each ingredient he is using. I like that you can see how the food is supposed to look at the end of each stage of cooking. (He may not specify cooking times and amounts of ingredients every time, but at least you can look at the screen and make deductions). He gives a lot of "why's." I can see what type of vessel to use, and sometimes he even tells specifications on what kinds of pots are best, and once even gave a substitution suggestion. Anyway, just go and click on the video demos tab and then pick your picture and watch. It's fun. Then make something yummy. (Oh, be prepared to pause and take notes. Only a few have written recipes, and they're not the same as what he's showing you on the screen--somebody sent them in and he's adapted to suit his taste.)

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