Friday, January 30, 2009

A Simple Drink

This is a short one, but as I'm curled up with this drink right now, I thought I would share. If you're looking for an alternative to $4 Starbucks, here you go:

1 packet hot cocoa mix of your choice
6 oz brewed coffee

Open packet, dump contents in mug. Pour in coffee and stir. Mmm, that's great mocha!

In college we discovered this when we were working in the radio station at odd hours and the coffee was sitting so long it got bitter. We called it Cafe del Diablo. If you have coffee that's been sitting for a while, go ahead and mix in some cocoa and pour over ice--if you're so inclined, throw it all in a blender and you have a Frappuccino!

This is also really good for those times when you buy a brand of coffee on sale, like a store brand, even though you haven't had it before, but you can't resist the deal and go ahead and buy the 32oz can for 3.99 and after you get it home and open it and brew a pot, you realize that it's fairly disgusting and you have a WHOOOOOOOOOOOLE lot of coffee left before you could justify opening another can.

And if that happens, and you happen to have a box of fat-free, 25% less sugar hot cocoa packets sitting in your pantry for a year because you stumbled upon them on sale and thought to yourself, "Fat-free, less sugar, but it's cocoa--how can you screw that up?" but then you tried them and realized that indeed, that could get screwed up fairly badly, then you have everything you need for some Cafe del Diablo.

Just sayin'.


Tara said...

Yum! And add a splash of your favorite flavored creamer and you're good to go! :)

Becca said...

I have tried some French Vanilla creamer, but honestly, I don't think it really needed it. I haven't tried topping it with whipped cream--yet.

Honestly, it seems to me that the more bitter the coffee, the better it is. I drink this usually on weekends because Tom gets up way before me, and the coffee has been sitting a while before I get up. I have this massive travel mug I got from work (holds about 24 oz of coffee) so I pour in two packets of cocoa, fill it with coffee, and I'm good till lunch. Just as good as the Starbucks stuff, IMO, but much, much cheaper.