Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cold Weather Favorite

This recipe is so easy, anyone can make it (are you listening, Everett? J/K)!

This is my absolute favorite thing in the whole world to eat when the weather is yucky and/or I'm feeling pretty icky myself.

Open one can of condensed tomato soup, fix according to directions on can

Get out two pieces of favorite bread (I like whole wheat)
grab a skillet, two pieces of 2% milk cheese singles, and some butter

Spray some non-stick spray in the skillet
heat skillet over medium heat
add butter
add bread, careful to flip bread over so both sides get buttery
once the bread is starting to get toasty, add the cheese slices to one and put one slice of previously toasted bread on top to form sandwich
flip over sandwich to get both sides evenly browned and crispy

You now have a wonderfully balanced meal of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Sometimes I do a variation used chicken noodle soup instead. Jamie doesn't like tomato soup (but loves tomatoes and catsup. Go figure)

Now, maybe this will stimulate some of you other people to put some recipes on here again!


Tara said...

Talk about your comfort food! When I got home after my miscarriage four years ago my friend asked me what I wanted to eat (she knew I'd have to eat but not feel like it). I asked her to make me a grilled cheese sandwich! Even though she used shredded cheese instead of sliced, it was still pretty good!

Tooz said...

To my knowledge, Everett doesn't eat tomato soup either. On to the real subject of the post, grilled cheese sandwiches. Lydia loves them and even ordered one at Steak and Shake the other night. Now you would think that a restaurant that makes excellent "melts" would know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Yes, the bread was grilled, but the two slices of American cheese were not even melted. And they forgot two of my favorite tricks--spread the bread with Miracle Whip or other salad dressing of your choice (learned that from David), and mash that sucker flat. That's one way to be sure you get the cheese realllllllly melted.

annalu alulu said...

I love grilled cheese sandwiches, too. Probably because my momma made them so good. I've tried them at almost every restaurant that offers them. I don't like them at most places. As well as I can remember, though, I think I liked the one at Fava's.

Tooz said...

After this great post, I tried making myself a grilled cheese sandwich. I burped not exactly prime Swiss cheese all afternoon. Not good. Won't do it again any time soon.

Jenn Hacker said...

Ummm... EWW! Swiss Cheese is gross! If you didn't want to use good ol' American cheese slices, you should have gone with some provolone or colby jack cheese. That would be yummy!

Tara said...

I do like swiss, but not on grilled cheese. Real cheddar is pretty good! Walmart also has a sun dried tomato turkey in the deli which makes a yummy g.c. sandwich!