Saturday, July 15, 2006

BLT salad

Easy, cheap, cool, and yummy

One container of REAL bacon bits
One can diced tomato or one cup diced fresh Roma tomato
Half a head of shredded and chopped lettuce
Mayo or Miracle Whip to taste/texture

Drain tomato WELL if canned, seed tomato if fresh.

Combine all ingredients, serve as a sandwich filling or with crackers

*real bacon bits are nearly fat-free, and cheaper than pre-fried slices or frying it from fresh bacon. A LOT less messy, too

** sometimes, I add diced purple onion or some diced apple


annalu alulu said...

Purple onions are beautiful!! I think I had something similar to this at Libby's recently. Would you peel the tomatos? Martha Ann did. I had never seen anybody peel a tomato before that.

Just Julez said...

I don't peel the tomato, only because I'm lazy. I normally use canned tomatos because they're cheaper and faster, and they're normally peeled, but if the fresh ones are ripe, the taste/texture isn't discernably different (speaking for myself, anyways).