Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm Really Sleepy, But it's Too Hot for Coffee!

What do you get when you combine a desperate need for megadoses of caffeine with outside temperatures too hot for regular coffee, and mix in the fact that Frappaccinos are too expensive? An easy iced coffee mix!

Brew a pot of your favorite coffee blend, but make it stronger than you would normally. (I usually use one heaping teaspoon of coffee grounds for each cup of coffee I intend to make. I generally use two different types of coffee grounds though - half regular coffee grounds and half French Vanilla coffee grounds. But for this recipe, I make it stronger, so I add an additional two heaping teaspoons of the French Vanilla grounds)

In a large-ish pitcher, combine milk (or non-dairy creamer) to taste, Splenda (or sugar) to taste, and ice cubes. Pour hot coffee over top. Stir (or shake with lid on) well. Add water (or more milk) to fill up pitcher.

Drink and enjoy!

Some of you may think this is gross, but my need for caffeine has driven me to it!


annalu alulu said...

I don't like hot coffee, but I love cold, milkey coffee with chocolate and sugar, so I put a little instant coffee in a glass, fill it with milk, and add about 6 to 8 tsp of Ovaltine powder, and stir it, and drink it. That's my morning, afternoon, and early evening coffee!!

Becca said...

My MIL routine keeps lefover coffee to put over ice later in the day.

I love chocolate and coffee. In college, while working at the radio station, I got hooked on a combo Wade and McCormack came up with called Cafe del Diablo--take a hot cocoa packet and dump it in a mug, fill with coffee instead of hot water, and add a little creamer. I still make that sometimes in the winter when I need a good caffeine/sugar boost.