Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tuna Fish Casserole

I don't know what a casserole is, really, or if this actually qualifies, but it was my favorite meal growing up, and I could even cook it. It's what I always made if I had to cook supper. I even used it for a "how to" speech in high school, in all sincerity. People were like, "Are you serious?" I had no idea why they thought I was kidding. Now I's too easy.

1 box of pasta, any kind you want. I used rotini or bow ties a lot, but we started with shells, I think. The shells caught the other ingredients and made it harder to mix, though. I think it'd be weird with noodly pasta like spaghetti or linguini or something, but you could try it.

1 can of cream of celery soup, or any other cream of anything soup

1 can of chunk white tuna packed in water

Cook the pasta, following the directions on the box. (Who doesn't know how to cook pasta?)
Drain the pasta.
Mix in the other stuff.

Sometimes we'd season it with a few shakes of red pepper, but that was it. I like Campbell's 99% fat free cream of celery soup. You could use whatever spcies you wanted. I sometimes used some cumin (cause it's my favorite), or some celery salt (cause I thought it'd go well with the cream of celery soup). Really, I thought it always tasted the same, probably because of the overpowering tuna flavor.

I still like it. It's comfort food for me. Daniel hates it. I think it'd be good with canned chicken, too, or salmon. In fact, I think I made it with cream of chicken once and canned salmon, and it was good.

Bubba and Sippy, do you like it, or do you think it's gross? Just curious.

In my house, we probably ate it with Del Monte green beans (with a little butter and red pepper).


Everett said...

It's one of my 6 basic meals. I've been using cream of mushroom because Jewel didn't have a generic cream of celery soup and it was about half the price of Campbells. I add a good bit of cayenne pepper and dried diced onions and I use Jane's Crazy Mixed-Up Salt. I've occasionally added a little garlic powder and/or parmesan cheese. I love this stuff.

Jenn Hacker said...

Sounds yummy. I'll have to try it some time, but I would definitely add the cheese!

Thanks for posting some recipes.

Just Julez said...

Allow me to chime in-I, too, love this stuff. I make it much like this recipe, but I add some frozen peas (they hold up better in recipes than canned) and throw some chedder on top to melt.